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Hells Gates are Still Open

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So I guess you need to fill one of these babies out, just put "new" if you're new.
I really don't give a shit about putting secret things in here to make sure you read the rules (cause there are none so far...) maybe later. Although, I am damn touchy on spelling... so careful, typos are understandable, errors are not.


(1) State your name for the pannel:
(2) And what's up with your lj username?:
(3) How old are you?:
(4) When's your birthday?:
(5) What makes you think you're good enough to be in here?:
(6) What's your glitch?:
(7) ...And what makes you twitch?:
(8) Top five favourite bands?:
(9) Top five favourite books?:
(9) Top five favourite movies?:
(9) Tell us something deeply personal:
(10) Make us blush:
(11) Make us cringe:
(12) Show off your mods, or at least brag about them:
(13) ...And pictures. We want pictures, good ones. Quality. No bullshit webcam shit or over saturated or ridiculously edited shit. Show yourself off!

oh and if i have to fucking tell you that there is obviously no posting until accepted you will be automatically rejected. be patient. it's worth it (providing you actually get in)